Sunday, April 30, 2017

May Day! May Day!! 
Tomorrow is May 1st!!! Happy May and One more week until STAAR!!!

In Math this week,
We will be spending this whole week reviewing and practicing.  Homework will be simple facts practice since we are spending majority of our class time reviewing.  I am encouraging students to take their jounal home each night in order to review the vocabularies and concepts.

Concepts that we covered up to date and will be reviewing this week:
Place value - up to hundred thousands
Addition, Subtraction, Rounding, Estimation, word problems
Multiplication, Division, Strip Model/ Bar Model  strategies for solving word problems
Fractions - using fraction bars
Measurements - finding length, capacity, weight in both metric and customary units.  
Reading temperature on given theromometer, time - reading both digital and analog clock, finding elasped time; Finding area of rectangle with and without sq. units given; Perimeter
Geometry - 2d and 3d shapes , congruent shapes, symmetry, slide, flip and rotate
Probability - likely, unlikely, impossible, also represent probability as fraction. ie: given 9 marbles, 3 are red. 1/3 chance of selecting red marble
Personal finance - credit, profit, capital .... 

Link below for games to review for your child.
Grade 3:

In Science,
If time allows, we will continue with the Food Chain unit.  I promise the kids we will catch up in Science area after STAAR.  

Extra tibits:  Please make every effort not to miss school for this coming week.  It is crucial that your student doesn't miss any instructional/review time as we push through this final week of preparation. 

Also, I will be holding tutoring session tomorrow afternoon (Monday) for those who feels they need extra help/practice.  I will be utilizing the weekly math grade from the last two weeks.  Please have your student bring them along if they are attending.  

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